Our Mission

War Paws exist to raise money for, and deliver our various missions. Below you can find more information about our current missions.

Raising money to build, man, operate and protect a mobile veterinarian Hospital in Iraq

  • Alleviate pain and suffering of dogs and any other animal that needs help within its area of operations which is The southern oil fields of Iraq and surrounding areas to include Basra City, Rumaila, Madena and Zubayr.
  • Chip and vaccinate wild animals.
  • Re-home suitable animals back in Northern Europe.
  • Train suitable dogs to detect, explosives, drugs and weapons, in-conjunction with training substitutable handlers and monitoring the animal under there charge.
  • Reduce the dog population humanely by birth control procedures.
  • The education of the local nationals on animal welfare and the benefits of happy healthy dogs and other animals.
  • Maintain an area where the animals can live without human interference.