Lucky was rescued as a young scared pup in Southern Iraq by a British Contractor. Her rescuer contacted us and asked for help to get her home to the UK in September 2018. We made arrangements to have Lucky moved to our kennels in Northern Iraq and from there she was moved to Jordan where she remained for several months whilst she underwent blood tests required for UK entry. Finally in March 2019 after several long months Lucky was reunited with her rescuer dad and is now learning the good life in the UK with her dad and new canine brother.

Mia & Toby

Shortly after Sia and Carla from Macedonia arrived in the UK their rescuer once again contacted us to tell us about 2 paraplegic pups called Mia and Toby. She had managed to arrange a rescue in the UK that specialises in dogs with disabilities that would take them in and find them loving homes but needed help to get them here. Once again thanks to our amazing supporters we were able to raise the funds needed to bring these 2 pups to the UK and give them a chance at a good life. Mia and Toby traveled to the UK in March 2019 and settled in at Wolfies Legacy where they will be rehomed in time.


Adana was rescued by an American soldier who was serving in Turkey. She was one of many strays on the US Base and was incredibly affectionate and demanding and her rescuer just could not leave her behind. Her rescuer asked us for help in December 2018, we stepped up and had Adana moved to a cattery where she received all her vaccinations and was spayed and then in February 2019 we were able to reunite Adana with her soldier in The States.

Sia & Carla

In December 2018 when our very own Louise was working at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales they received and email from a lady who had got 2 dogs in a shelter in Macedonia that she was deeply worried about, the dogs were shutting down and she felt they would not make it through the winter. Sadly at the time MT just had no spare funds to be able to bring these lovely girls to the UK for rehoming so War Paws stepped in and agreed that we would raise the funding needed to bring them home if Many Tears would offer them a space in kennels and find them a new home. Sia has suffered being hit by a car at some point and it looked like she had a broken pelvis, she had spent months just laying down and not moving util one day she just stood up and started to walk. Carla was a lady in her middle years who was slowly shutting down. In Feb 2018 Sia and Carla finally made it to the UK and we were terribly upset to see that not only was Sia’s injury much worse than we had originally thought but she was also suffering from Transmissible Veneral Tumours. The girls quickly settled into kennels at Many Tears and Sia received the life saving chemotherapy she needed to cure her TVT and had xrays on her leg. Her TVT responded well to treatment but sadly her leg is too badly damaged to fix and her other leg is not stable enough to support her if the leg is removed so for the time being she is receiving daily pain relief and has improved hugely and is enjoying life. Carla has already been rehomed and is loving life in her new home in the UK. These 2 lovely girls would not have had a chance if we had not partnered with MT to make it happen for them.


Hector was rescued when his British contractor dad came across him in Baghdad. He was owned by an Iraqi man who was keeping hi in a tiny cage in squalid conditions and really was not doing a good job of looking after him. Fortunately Hector’s owner agreed to let Martin have him and he got busy with getting Hector back to full health. His rescuer came to us and asked for help in getting Hector home to the UK where he would live out his life with his rescuers family and 2 female rottweilers. Hector made it home after several long months of waiting in January 2019 and he has really settled in well and adores his new life and family.


Freya and her mother and siblings were rescued by a British contractor in Iraq. He had approached Liverpool Dog Rescue to see if they could help save Freya, her mother and siblings and they came to us to seek help. We were able to help but sadly one by one Freya’s siblings disappeared before we were able to get to them and then on the day we had planned to collect the mother and Freya, her mother ran off and we were unable to capture her and get her safely loaded into the car. Sadly we had to leave Freya’s mother behind as it was deemed that she would injure herself or a person if we were to force her into a vehicle, she was just too feral. LDR had already fundraised £500 for the rescue and PRM offered to step in and help not only with funds to get Freya to the USA but also to find her a new home. Freya headed to the USA in September 2018 and was rehomed.

Teddy & Cheez-It

Teddy and Cheez-It were rescued by an American soldier based in Syria. We made arrangements for them to cross from Syria and into Iraq in April 2018 and they reached the kennels safely. Sadly when they arrived Teddy had a very bad case of tapeworm and despite the vets best efforts the worm load was so bad he passed away. Cheez-It also had worms but was not affected as badly as Teddy and once treated he went from strength to strength. In July 2017 we were able to reunite Cheez-It with his soldier in the USA.


Barrie has the most epic story ever! She was found by a British Security Contractor in Syria trembling in the ruins of a building after a series of bombings. Sean took Barrie back to camp and bonded with her very quickly. Sean came home on leave and then on the day he was meant to return to Syria his contract was cancelled. Panic set in and he contacted War Paws and asked if it was even possible to get Barrie out of Syria and to the UK. Not wanting to see little Barrie left behind we embarked on several months of planning and finally the timing was right and we were able to get Barrie moved from Syria and into our kennels in Iraq in May 2018 and then we transported her to Jordan where she had to wait 4 months in order that we could ensure she could enter the UK without quarantine. Finally in November 2018 Barrie was ready to come home and be reunited with Sean but when we got her checked in for the flight she got very upset in the crate so we had to cancel until a week later when we were able to get someone to fly with her. Barrie has now settled well into the life of being a pampered and much loved pet in the UK with Sean.


Lily is a very lucky pup. She was rescued by a British contractor who just happened to be the same person that had rescued Flossie who did not make it. He had taken her in just a few weeks after Flossie passed away, her siblings had all been adopted locally and she was the only one remaining. She arrived with us in April 2018 and then had to wait several months in Jordan whilst she had her blood tests to prepare her for coming to the UK. Lily was reunited with her owner in February 2019 but sadly she did not do well with her owners smaller dogs so she came back to us and found her new home just a few weeks later and she continues to thrive.


Rogue hit the jackpot when she crawled between the t-walls on a base in Northern Iraq. Her soldier had already tried to rescue one pup but sadly she had contracted parvo before she got to us and did not make it so when Rogue found her way to his base he just knew he had to get her home to Canada. Rogue stayed with her soldier for a while and got herself into all sorts of trouble including getting stung by a scorpion and eventually she came to our kennels in November 2017 and we were able to reunite her with her soldier in Canada in March 2018.


Beau’s rescuer found him living in a hole under a tree, his mo and siblings had all been chased off by bigger dogs and he was all alone an unable to fend for himself. His rescuer did manage to locate his mom and siblings and reunite them but his mom rejected him so Beau was taken in by his rescuer. In March 2018 we moved Beau to our kennels and then on to Jordan where he remained until we were able to fly him home to his rescuers family in August 2018.

Jo Socks

Jo Socks was rescued by a Dutch contractor near to Basrah. She has a litter of pups that one by one were being taken home by the camp guards but no one wanted to take her. She was painfully thin having only had access to limited food and having to raise a litter of pups but she soon fattened up under the care of her new owner. We transported Jo Socks to the kennels in Northern Iraq and then on to Jordan where she stayed whilst she underwent spay surgery and completed the blood tests required for her to enter The Netherlands. In October 2018 she was finally reunited with her dad and is currently living a fabulous and happy life in The Netherlands along with a cat and a dog and has been renamed JOSIE.