Madi’s owner came to us for help in February 2018. At just 6 weeks old Madi had been abandoned by her mother and a Brit working in Southern Iraq took her in and raised her. By the time she was 6 months old her owner knew he could not leave her behind so War Paws stepped in and rescued her and she made it safely to the UK and was reunited with her owner in October 2018.

Flossy & Midge

We were asked by a British contractor in souther Iraq if we would help 2 very young pups who had lost their mother. Midge and Flossy had lost their mothers and were in desperate need of help. They were transported to the kennels in Northern Iraq but sadly shortly after they arrived they started showing symptoms of parvo virus and despite a valiant effort by the vet we were unable to save them and they crossed rainbow bridge.


January 2018 saw us receive a desperate request from a contractor in Baghdad about a dog he had been caring for who had a nasty wound on his leg. Socks had been living on the streets of Baghdad near to the US Embassy and was still very nervous but after a massive effort we managed to get him transported to the kennels in Northern Iraq. He was soon transported to Jordan where he underwent surgery on his injured leg only for us to discover fragments of a bullet in his leg. Socks made a full recovery and went to the USA where he was rehomed.


Cletus was the first cat that War Paws was asked to help with. He was rescued by an American soldier in Iraq in December 2017 and we worked alongside PRM to raise the funds and get this lovely cat home to his soldier in the USA in January 2018.


Jwani came to our attention shortly after Dai and Louise returned to the UK from Iraq. She had been hit by a car and sustained injuries to her front leg. We immediately arranged for her to be seen by a vet and quickly got her to Amman with Dilly. Sadly, Jwani was found to have an enlarged heart when she saw the vet in Amman to have her leg amputated. She came through the amputation but a month or so later she passed away unexpectedly 2 days after she was spayed. We were all devastated that Jwani never got to be adopted by a family in the UK but thankful that she did not die alone on the streets of Iraq.


Louise and Dai met Dilly on their trip to Iraq. Dilly had been hit by a car at some point and a kind family took her in and cared for her. The family asked if we could help so we agreed that War Paws would bring Dilly back to the UK where we would partner with Many Tears Animals Rescue in Wales to find her the perfect home. Within 2 weeks of arriving Dilly had found her forever family and is now a very much loved member of the family.


Erby was adopted by a female American soldier in Erbil. PRM asked us if we could help with her rescue so we worked together and got Erby reunited with her soldier a few months later.


Maggie was rescued by an American soldier in one of the worse parts of Northern Iraq. Her rescue was shrouded in secrecy but PRM and War Paws made it happen and she is now in the USA reunited with her soldier.


An American soldier deployed in Northern Iraq had befriended a young boy whilst deployed. The boy took care of a flock of sheep and then one day he came and presented the soldier with a pup, it was decided that the pup would be called Hopo and would be company for another rescue called Nickel! War Paws and PRM collaborated to get Hopo home to her soldier when his tour of duty ended.


Halo was found outside a house in Northern Iraq, there were many puppies at the house and the owner admitted that they just had too many dogs so they just left them to their own devices which resulted in lots of pups. Halo was found bleeding from her ears and her feet so her rescuer spoke to the house owner and agreed that he would take her and care for her. Once again we were able to partner with PRM to raise the funds and get Halo home to the USA with her rescuer.


Nickel was found in a brown paper bag under a tank in Iraq. She was only about 6 weeks old so her rescuer just knew he could not leave her behind. She was taken in and War Paws and PRM joined forces to ensure that she made it home to the USA and was reunited with her rescuer.