Raider was born on the streets of Iraq and he hit the jackpot when a US Marine found him. Raider and his Marine became bonded and there was no way he could leave him behind so War Paws and PRM teamed up and made a dream become a reality and reunited Raider and his Marine in the USA a few months later.


Kevin’s story was first brought to us by a partner org in the USA called PRM. PRM had received a request from an American soldier based in Iraq that wanted help to get his adopted dog home. War Paws and PRM worked together and raised the funds to get Kevin home to his soldier in America where he continues to live the dream

Bruno, Jenny & Rex

June 2016 saw us receive a request to help get 3 retiring working dogs out of Iraq and into new homes in the USA. Fortunately we were able to partner with Mission K9 in the US to make this happen and after a mammoth fundraising effort all 3 dogs made it out of Iraq and were found fabulous new homes in The States.

Coco Chanel

CoCo is our model and the organisation’s face. She almost died when she was a puppy. However Mark was on site and nursed her back to health. She is now a beautiful diva after her modeling career – some say she is like Naomi Campbell with her little tantrums as she does get a bit rough with the puppies if she does not have some attention first.


Socks is a legend, he is a wonderful loving animal who is my wing man, where ever I go day or night socks follows me around the site

socks was born on this site 2 years ago and has lived here ever since, he had to fight of the alpha male a few times to be able to stay around us, brave friendly loving loyal dog wish he had a better life than the one he has out here.