Handsome Habibi came to the UK in October to be reunited with his rescuer. Sadly due to illness in his rescuers immediate family his rescuer made the difficult decision to rehome Habibi and he is now in foster care.

Habibi arrived in foster care in November and his foster mom is busy teaching him about all the good things that life has to offer. Right now Habibi is friendly with other dogs but he is a big boisterous puppy who needs guidance. He is getting on well the the other dogs in his foster home but has shown dominant tendencies which we believe will lessen as he learns manners. Right now everything he is experiencing is new so he will need a confident experienced owner to guide him and teach him good manners.

Habibi will require a decent walk each day and he does love to play but after walks and play time he likes to just cuddle up and enjoy being loved on. He is very food driven so we feel this can be used in order to help with his training. At the moment there have been some minor food aggression episodes around other dogs when treats are involved but he has shown no aggression to humans where food is concerned and we feel that in the right home with a patient owner the food aggression issues will ease off in time.

Although he is just over 12 months old Habibi is still very much a puppy and if you are looking to apply to adopt him then please keep this in mind, he is a work in progress and will require training to mould him into a family pet. He is a medium sized dog coming in at roughly the size of a small labrador and weighing in at approx 22kg but he will fill out in time and gain weight. He has not shown any aggression towards cats but due to his size and boisterous nature we would prefer to adopt him into a cat free home. He can be homed with children aged 14+ who are dog savvy and respectful of boundaries. We are looking for a home where Habibi will not be left on his own for any more than a maximum of 4 hours at any given time, we wouldn’t leave children home alone for extended periods of time and we do not expect a dog to be left home alone all day either!

Play Time

Potential families will need to agree to a home check and be able to bring any other dogs that he might be living with to a meet and greet prior to adoption.

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Please note that a £200 adoption fee applies.