Stamps, Postcards and Currency

Thank you for all the stamps you’ve been sending us – and please continue to send them! are closing at the end of April but Paul, who has been running it, is continuing to work with us, for which we are very grateful.  It means everyone can help us raise funds to help alleviate the pain and suffering of animals in Iraq


Please send your stamps to:

Paul Roebuck

Fundraising Stamps Ltd

59 Mitre Copse


Near Eastleigh


SO50 8QE 

It’s very helpful if you can leave no more than 1 cm all the way around them.  You can email Paul on and ask for an A3 envelope with paid postage on it if you have more than 250 grammes of stamps to send, and Paul will pop one in the post to you.

Paul will also take new or used postcards and left-over currency and older coins and bank notes, so you can send them in as well.

Thank you for your stamps so far.  Please keep going and give us your support!