Susu came into War Paws care after she was rescued by a kind Egyptian Aid worker in Syria. Her eyes were badly damaged and her eyelids closed shut with infection yet somehow she had managed to survive the war ravaged streets of Syria.

Susu was taken in by her rescuer who bathed her eyes and managed to get some antibiotic ointment for her eyes and knowing that she would not be able to offer Susu a permanent home she contacted War Paws to ask for help.

We managed to get Susu safely out of Syria and into Iraq where she received all of her vaccinations and was placed into foster care. Soon after that we flew her to Jordan where she is currently waiting out her time before she can enter the UK without a need for quarantine.

We are looking for a home for Susu where she will be kept as an indoor cat as she is partially blind and would not survive outdoors. Susu can be homed with other cats or dogs and with kind respectful children.

If you feel you can offer Susu the Syrian Princess the kind loving home she deserves please click the button below.

Please note that Susu is currently in Jordan and will not come to the UK for approx 3 months

Adoption Fee of £200 applies