War Paws end of year update 2016

2016 has just been the most amazing year for War Paws!

In May we were asked for help in rescuing an adorable pup who was named War Paws. She had been found by a former Royal Marine on the streets of Basra covered in glue and bleeding and severely dehydrated. Her Marine was determined to get her well and bring her home to Scotland and a massive response was received from a campaign to raise her funds but sadly it was not to be and little War Paws lost her fight for life at the end of May 2016. As upset as we all were to lose her it just made us more determined than ever to pull together and make a real difference for the animals of Iraq.

June 2016 brought us a request to help repatriate 3 retiring CWD’s, Bruno, Rex and Jenny. All 3 dogs had served in Iraq for many years but it was now time for them to retire and experience the joys of having their own homes and families. As a newly registered charity the rescue of 3 dogs was going to be a huge financial burden so we teamed up with the fabulous Mission K9 and Soldier Animal Companion Fund in America to make it happen. Our fabulous War Paws supporters raised enough money for us to be able to get the dogs to Amman and from there Mission K9 raised the funds to get them to America. All 3 dogs have now found loving families in the USA and are living the dream.

After months and months of jumping through hoops July 2016 saw us gain Registered Charity status in the UK and since then we have worked non stop so we can move forward and make a real difference for the welfare of animals not just in Iraq but other war torn countries and areas of civl conflict. Shortly after we became a registered charity August saw us welcome 2 new trustees to the charity, Sally and Louise. Both Sally and Louise have brought a wealth of experience from their years working with rescues from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In September 2016 we received a request from Puppy Rescue Mission in America to assist with the rescue of ‘Kevin’ who was a dog in Iraq that had been befriended by an American soldier who now wanted to take him home. We worked closely with Kevin’s soldier to get him to the kennels in Northern Iraq and once he was there War Paws and SAC Fund supporters raised the funds needed to pay for his boarding at kennels, vaccinations and flights to Amman whilst PRM fundraised for his flights from Amman to America and SPCAI helped us out with a flight escort. We had hoped that we would be able to get Kevin home in time for Christmas but sadly sometimes even the best laid plans do not go to plan and last minute flight changes meant we had to hold Kevin in Amman for a few days longer than anticipated but thankfully it was only a few days and Kevin was reunited with his soldier in America on 30 Dec 2016 just in time to join in with New Year celebrations!

Dec 2016 once again brought us a request for help from PRM who had an American soldier who had befriended a dog called Raider. Once again War Paws and SAC Fund and PRM are working together to raise his funds so we can plan to get him to America in January 2017. Raider’s fundraising effort is ongoing at the link below:


December 2016 also saw the launch of the very first Official War Paws Calendar! We still have a few copies left which can be purchased at the link below:


As 2016 draws to a close and we enter 2017 we would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our War Paws supporters, without you we would not be able to continue in our mission to improve animal welfare in Iraq. We will be working towards setting up a vaccination program for the dogs, cats and farm animals of Iraq in 2017 but we do need funds to be able to set the program up and keep it going so please help us by donating if you can and helping to spread the word about our mission.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!