War Paws Pilot Rabies Vaccination Program

Today we got the amazing news that Animal Friends Insurance have awarded us a grant that will enable us to perform the first ever controlled rabies vaccination program in Northern Iraq. The funds will be used for a small pilot program to cover approximately 200 dogs, including stray animals and farm dogs.

Rabies is endemic in Iraq and other developing countries and sadly there are multiple cases of humans contracting rabies in Iraq every year. The cold hard fact is that if a human contracts rabies there is no cure, there is no mild form of the disease, there is no recovery, the disease leads to death. Rabies is not just spread by dogs but also by cats and many other warm blooded mammals although dogs are the main vector in developing countries.

Our partner in Dohuk, Dr Sulaiman Tamer of KOARP will be carrying out the project for us and we will provide updates as the program is carried out.